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I offer consultations at:

The Hummingbird Clinic 207 Ditchling Rd, Brighton BN1 6JB.
The Gentle Medicine Dispensary at Coachwerks, 19a Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton BN1 7HB.

I also offer online and telephone appointments.

Prices and Options

  • Full Holistic 90-minute initial consultation – £75.00. This would be appropriate for the more complex or long-standing health challenges. This is an in depth consultation where a full health-history will be taken and a written report and bespoke treatment plan will be written for you outlining dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations as well as an explanation of your tailor-made Herbal Medicine prescription. See below for more information about these consultations.

Follow-up consultations are £45 for 45 minutes and would need to be approximately monthly.

  • Acute consultations for single-issue low-level complaints £30 for 30 minutes (either on Zoom or at the Gentle Medicine dispensary)

Herbal Medicines are an extra cost of approximately £8-10 per week or £35 per month.

How to book

Please contact me directly to arrange an appointment. either email me directly on or call me on 07855348287.

What to expect from a full 90-minute Herbal Medicine consultation

There will be plenty of time for you to talk about your health issue in detail. I will ask you about your medical history going back to childhood as well as find out about your lifestyle, diet and life circumstances to help discern the possible root causes of your problem. With your permission I may also carry-out a physical examination if necessary as well as taking a blood pressure reading. I can also perform urinalysis or send off for further tests if needed.

I seek to treat you as a whole person not just a set of symptoms and once we have completed our consultation I will create a unique herbal formula and treatment plan for you to address your individual physical and emotional needs. I may also offer dietary and lifestyle advice to help support your recovery. I will send all this information out to you in a written Treatment plan detailing your Herbal prescription as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as any other resources I think may also be useful to you.

I would then wish to see you once a month for follow-up consultations to review your progress and offer ongoing support.

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