Western Medical Herbalism in Brighton and Hove

Herbal Medicine used alongside nutritional and lifestyle support can be a gentler yet effective alternative to some conventional medications. Plant-based medicines can help nourish, support and re-balance our bodies and minds whilst also being kind to the environment.

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Consultations are available at the Hummingbird Clinic in Fiveways and at The Gentle Medicine Dispensary at Coachwerks or online.
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What is Herbal Medicine?  What can Herbal Medicine treat?

I offer health consultations and personally tailored treatment plans which include expertly blended herbal formulas, nutrition advice and health coaching.  I treat adults and children, I can also support those undergoing conventional medical treatment or taking medications

As a Registered Medical Herbalist I am trained in both conventional medical sciences alongside holistic approaches to healing. A holistic approach recognizes that each person is unique in terms of the background causes and manifestations of their health-issues and that they should receive individually-tailored treatment and support to address the possible root causes whether physical, emotional and/or lifestyle-based.
You can book an appointment with me here

You can book an appointment with me here

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An initial consultation is up to 1.5hrs in duration. During our time together we will explore your health issue in detail, I will take a full medical history then a tailor-made herbal medicine preparation will be made-up for you which might be a herbal tincture, ointments, cream or infusion. This will be offered alongside dietary and lifestyle advice to give you the best chance of a full recovery. These can be taken alongside many conventional medications.

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